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Article 1 (General Rule)

  1. These Terms and Conditions are for users (Article 2) in connection with all services provided and operated by connectplus.inc (hereinafter referred to as “the Company”) under the name “(Sakura)” (hereinafter referred to as “the Service”). It defines the matters to be observed and the contractual relationship between users and the Company, as defined in the first issue.
  2. In addition to the Terms, the User is subordinate to the Terms, rules, guidelines, privacy policy, help, etc. (these are collectively referred to as the “Terms etc.”) and “Rakuten Member” regarding the use of the Service. You agree to abide by compliance with the Terms and Conditions and use the service, and if you use the service, the user is deemed to have agreed to comply with the Terms and Conditions.
  3. It is highly recommended to use major browsers such as Google Chrome, Firefox, Safari and Microsoft Edge. We do not take responsibility in any problems occured if any of the recommended browsers is not used to transact.

Article 2 (Definition) In the Terms, etc., the following terms shall have the following meanings.

  1. "User" means a person who agrees to the terms of this Agreement and uses the Service.
  2. "Exhibition" means that a user writes contents necessary for trading of goods by this service, and other users can view it and the user can sell goods.
  3. "Seller" means a user who uses the Service to sell products.
  4. "Buyer" means a user who purchases a product using the Service.
  5. "Product" means a product, etc. which an exhibitor has submitted to the Service in a manner prescribed by the Company.
  6. "Trading" means a transaction related to the sale or purchase of goods between an seller and a buyer.
  7. "Personal Information" shall mean "personal information" as defined in the Personal Information Protection Act, and the name, postal code, address, date of birth, gender, occupation, telephone number, account information entered by the user. (e-mail address and password, etc.), profile information (nickname, hobbies, family structure, age and other personal attribute information), credit card information and usage history etc Information that can be easily matched with, and thereby identify, a particular individual)
  8. "Content" means information posted or transmitted by the Company or users on the Service.

Article 3 (Contents of the Service)

  1. This service is a service that provides users with an opportunity to buy and sell products among users registered for this service. Users can use the service to sell products, sell products to other users, and purchase products from other users.
  2. A sales contract for a product is established directly between the seller and the buyer of the product. The Company only provides users with a place to buy and sell goods, and is not a party to a goods sale contract.
  3. The user is not required to deal with any matters concerning this transaction (exhibition / purchase of goods, negotiation of terms of sale, shipment / receipt of goods, payment of goods price, cancellation / cancellation of sales contract, liability for product security, return of goods / The Company shall not be liable for any damages, including, but not limited to, refunds of product charges, and the Company shall not be liable for any damages caused to users or third parties in relation to this transaction. The Company shall not, in principle, intervene in any troubles between Users, and Users shall not be able to ask the Company to solve the troubles. However, if the Company determines that it is necessary for the smooth operation of the Service, it shall be able to intervene in troubles between users.

I. If the Company falls under any of the following items, the Company may temporarily suspend all or part of the Service without notifying the user in advance. At that time, even if damage occurs to the user, we assume no responsibility.

  1. In the event that the service can not be provided due to a failure of the server, communication line, or other facilities, the occurrence of a failure, or any other reason
  2. When performing maintenance, inspection, repair, or change of the system (including servers, communication lines and power supplies, buildings that accommodate them, etc.) regularly or urgently
  3. If the service cannot be provided due to a fire or a power failure
  4. If the service cannot be provided due to natural disasters such as earthquakes, eruptions, floods, or tsunamis
  5. If the service cannot be provided due to war, disturbance, riots, mayhem, labor disputes, or any other force majeure
  6. When the provision of the Service is not possible due to laws or regulations or measures based thereon
  7. In addition, when it is determined that the Company temporarily suspends the service in terms of operation or technology.

The Company may terminate and / or change all or part of the Service at any time without giving prior notice to the User for any reason. The Company shall not be liable to users or third parties for damages resulting from the termination or modification of the service described in the preceding paragraph.

The rights to all materials that make up the service belongs to the company or a third party who holds the rights. Users shall not acquire any rights in all materials of the service, and without the permission of the rights holder, all intellectual property rights including ownership rights and copyrights, portrait rights, publicity rights, etc. And shall not in any way infringe the right to content material. A license to use the service based on the Terms, etc. does not mean a license to the right of the company or a third party who holds the right regarding the service.

The photos, information, etc. of the exhibit posted by the exhibitor shall be freely available to the Company for the purpose of advertising, operation, etc. of the Service. In addition, the exhibitor shall not exercise the author's moral right with regard to the use of the Company regarding the modification of the content by the Company and the presence or absence of publication.

The user is solely responsible for the content transmitted or posted in connection with the Service, and the Company assumes that the content, quality, accuracy, reliability, legitimacy, legitimacy, freshness, usefulness. About etc., we do not take any responsibility without any confirmation or guarantee.

Users need to judge the content, quality, accuracy, credibility, legitimacy, freshness, usefulness, etc. of the content that other users transmit or post by themselves. We will not be liable for any damages arising from the use of our content by our users and third parties.

We have no obligation to back up content. Users shall do this at their own expense and responsibility when it is necessary to backup the content.

If the Company judges that the user violates the Terms or performs an inappropriate act in light of the terms of the Terms, etc., the Company may change any content posted by the User without prior notice. It can be deleted.

Computers, smartphones and other devices, software, communication lines and other communication environments, etc. necessary to receive this service will be prepared and maintained at the user's expense and responsibility. In addition, the installation and operation of the device, software, communication environment, etc. must be performed at the expense and responsibility of the user. We do not guarantee that this service is compatible with all devices, etc., and we will not be involved in the preparation, installation or operation of devices, nor will we provide support for users.

The user understands that when using this service, they may go through various networks, and depending on the connected networks and devices, in order to connect to or pass through them, We understand that the contents of data and signals may be changed before using this service, and we assume no responsibility for such changes.

In the case of entering, selling, purchasing, unlisting, and other procedures for the service performed by the user through the Internet, data concerning the procedure is sent to the server of the Company and the content of the procedure is reflected in the system of the Company. It shall be valid.

Users shall not engage in any other prohibited acts specified by the Company when using the Service. If the Company determines that the User has performed these acts, the Company may delete the information posted by the User or delete the information without prior notice to the User, or all or one of the Services by the User. It is possible to take measures to stop the use of the department, to reserve payment for the product, etc. and to determine that the Company needs it.

Even if damage or disadvantage is caused to the user by taking the measures of the preceding paragraph, we shall assume no responsibility.