Sakura Story Day2

I remembered the second day as I walked around the streets of Christmas.

We got up early in the morning because of the future expectations. Then I changed clothes quickly and Yusuke and I started walking around the city of the Philippines.

Yusuke was very interested in the Philippines for the first time, and the two talked about their dream about the project. But they have no way of knowing that they are going to do a tougher business than they thought.

Sakura story

Day 1
The plane we boarded landed at Manila Airport. A nostalgic atmosphere and warm air flowed, and it was wrapped in an exciting feeling that will begin.
We caught a taxi and headed to the hotel. When we finished the check-in, Yusuke said he didn’t expect me to speak English so much. While saying so, We entered the room thinking what I was thinking. Yusuke and I met after working together a year ago. The story began when I invited you to do business in the Philippines

Read a book at park

I’m reading book at park it’s lovely park in here
Make me relax and refresh

I’m addicted coffee

Always thoughtful and business with sakura.

Public transport marketing

We are doing traditional way of marketing, from giving away flyers, placing posters in public places etc. Right now, we tried the stickers on public transport. Especially here in the province where tricycle is the simplest mode of transportation. We put several stickers inside tricycle sidecar. This makes it more easier for passengers to see and get to know our service.

We are positive this kind of marketing will be successful.

Tech Event @ UDM

As for the preparation of the upcoming tech event in UDM (Universidad de Manila) in November 6, 2019 , we did a little advertisement to inform students about our intent in joining the event. We started handing out advertisement flyers and placing posters inside the campus. We also asked the students to join our promotion contest and explain to them the mechanics in order to join. We can see their interest about our service and most likely they find it easier to use for selling their stuffs online.

We wish the event to be successful and meet large companies and get inspired about their journey of becoming successful.

BMW and coffee

I’m addicted coffee and cars
Take break with coffee and reading books
I’m thinking about my work while driving

Always economic and thoughtful by Sakura 🌸

Mt. Fuji in Japan

Its nice view Mt Fuji from top of building in Ichikawa city Japan
There’s sky tree beside mt Fuji

My relaxing time to read books and drink coffee in cafe

I’m reading Book which how to marketing with Facebook ads
I hope we make some culture buy and sell in Philippine 😿