Sakura Story Day 2 Vol.9

@Hatsumode: first pray at shrine
There was a phone call from Kim. He said that he could not stay at the hotel he was trying to stay at. I got another bed in the room where we stayed. Thus the three men spent in the same room and the second day was over

Sakura Experience

My experience with Sakura is one of a kind. I learned a lot of things and still learning more. I learned to use and make things from latest technology trends, with a little bit of research and practice, I was able to pull through.

I also learned some new techniques about film making while making video ads for Sakura. We did research and developed smart home products to introduce this kind of technology in the country.

Running a business surely is difficult. But we will continue to pursue our mission to make change not just in the Philippines but also in the entire world.

We hope to be successful and contribute more to the society.

Sakura Story Day 2 Vol.8

We looked at the price he pointed at the cake and found that it was very expensive, so we tried to buy a cheaper cake however he said that he want to buy it later because it’s melt and ask us money to buy cake So we finally realized that the man’s story was a joke. We finally returned to the hotel and Kim called when he was talking that day one was over.

Sakura Story Day 2 Vol. 7

He asked us to buy birthday cake for his daughter
As we looked at each other, quetion came to mind.
We thought his daughter would be sad if she didn’t have a cake, and asked the man what cake she was going to buy? The man then took us to a cake shop and pointed at the cake.

@at Kamakura in Japan.

Another Video Shoot Experience

After waiting for several days for the house to become available, I received a call from the owner that we can start shooting. So I packed my things and prepare for the shoot. I also called our model that we will take shooting this day.

I went first to the house and talked to the owner while waiting for our model. When she arrived, we immediately took videos for the second version of the commercial. We finished several scenes until our model suddenly felt ill. I told her to rest for a while and we will shoot once she feels okay. She rested for a few minutes and we went back to shooting some more scenes. Our model again, felt uncomfortable and she is in pain. I asked her if she can continue shooting but she said she can’t. So we decided to bring her home and let her rest.

Good thing we have backup model for the shoot. So I called her and asked her if she can come, she said yes. When the other model arrived we continue shooting until almost midnight.

So many things happened today, it was a long day. But we were able to pull through with the shooting and finished, we completed the scenes we need.

We hope the output of the commercial to be good. We’d like to give the viewers the feel of what smart living is through our video. We wish to be successful and fulfill our mission.

Sakura Story Day 2 Vol. 6

We finished the meeting and interview and went to the shopping mall for shopping and dinner. We talked about amazing of UNIQLO business while buying shirts at UNIQLO. We went into fast food Bon-Chon and talked about today. We split up with Kim and Coordinators D then we walked through the shopping mall before returning to the hotel. A man approached there, and the man said: Where are you staying? When I answered the hotel, the man told me that he was a guardman at the hotel and came to buy his daughter’s cake while resting. I looked up to Yusuke and face.

Sakura Always with business and thoughtful.

Video Shoot Retakes

We did another video shoot for holiday short video advertisement. We want to shoot on the same house that we are shooting the other video ads but it was not available this time. We decided to take videos in a tea shop to accomplish something that day.

It was hard to take videos because there are too many people in the coffee shop and it does not fit the scene that we want. We wait until only a few people left inside then we start shooting. Turned out the video takes are pretty decent. We will publish this ad for this holiday season.

We hope to succeed with the business by making good videos and attract more people to use our product.

Sakura Story Day 2 Vol. 5

Finally kim arrived. He smiled with a towel around his neck and a chewing tooth. It seemed as if he arrived on time. I introduced him to the shipping company and explained the business model in more detail. It was a great start. They offered to cooperate.

@laundry with coffee break

Sakura Video Shoot Experience

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We really like to make a good commercial so we started with another shoot, this time with a different model. We did the recording all by ourselves again and we’ve learned a lot from the previous video shoot. This time we have better shots and better angle. Also with a professional model, everything goes very smoothly. There are things that are uncontrollable, we did not notice the day is almost done. So we called it a day and decided to continue shooting the next day.

So the second day of shooting came and we started early so we can accomplish more. We did shooting the day until almost night. Unfortunately, our model is exhausted and already needs to go home early, good thing we have a backup model for the shoot. We called the other model and she immediately responded. We continue with the shoot and finish the final few video clips almost midnight.

It was an exhausting day i can say. But all of it are worth it when we achieve success. We hope to get good results for our video ads this time.

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Sakura Story Day 2 Vol.4

After lunch we went back to the hotel lounge to meet with a shipping company. It ’s the same startup as us. I had hope and tension in the first negotiation in English. However, when I started, there were no language barriers, and my business thoughts and passions helped me out! What was worrisome after that was when IT leader kim arrived. Because at this time he was still on his way to the bus.