Sakura @ TUP Manila

The seminar for today has been postponed due to the Novel Corona virus. We decided to still go to the university and handed out our flyers in front of the campus. We we’re able to talk with the school head and asked to reschedule the seminar. They accepted our request and we will continue the seminar some other day.

Sakura Story Day 3 Vol. 3

We hired two programmers to create the application. One is ios and the other is android. Now the team has three people, including IT leaders.

@Quezon City

Prototype for a New Product

We have built a new prototype for a new product, a smart door lock. Building the prototype was not that difficult. We made the prototype from cardboard and turned out to be a workable one. We just need stronger motor in order for it to turn the knob.

So far, we are looking for a local factory to send our prototype and make the real product. We hope to find a manufacturer here in the Philippines to contribute to the Philippine economy.

Sakura Story Day 3 Vol 2

On the third day, staff interviews continued. The recruitment of application developers was an absolute proposition for this team building. This is because the skills of engineers are needed to shape this thought.

Sakura Story Day 3

The morning of the third day came, I could hardly sleep. The snoring of the two was too bad. As usual, the three went out for a walk in the city. I decided to do what I could do because we saw problem in person while walking watching the city.

Donations for Taal Volcano Eruption Victims

The taal volcano located in the province of Batangas in the Philippines has erupted and many people were affected.
The ash from the erupting volcano buried nearby homes, displaced the residents and has cause fissures which lead to destruction
of many homes and roads of nearby towns.

These past few days after the taal volcano eruption, an anonymous person contacted Sakura Free Market and asks if they can buy the clothes that are being sold in Sakura’s website for donating to the Taal victims. Sakura team does not hesitate about this and decided we will send those clothes to them. We also added several items which we think that they can use like towels and some of our personal clothes that we no longer use.

Sakura also pledges that we will donate amount of sales that we get from our users to the volcanic eruption victims.

In times of crisis like this, let us not forget people who are in need and give them all the help that we can provide. We pray for the fast recovery of the victims and hoping that no eruption will take place again.

Sakura Story Day 2 Vol.9

@Hatsumode: first pray at shrine
There was a phone call from Kim. He said that he could not stay at the hotel he was trying to stay at. I got another bed in the room where we stayed. Thus the three men spent in the same room and the second day was over

Sakura Experience

My experience with Sakura is one of a kind. I learned a lot of things and still learning more. I learned to use and make things from latest technology trends, with a little bit of research and practice, I was able to pull through.

I also learned some new techniques about film making while making video ads for Sakura. We did research and developed smart home products to introduce this kind of technology in the country.

Running a business surely is difficult. But we will continue to pursue our mission to make change not just in the Philippines but also in the entire world.

We hope to be successful and contribute more to the society.

Sakura Story Day 2 Vol.8

We looked at the price he pointed at the cake and found that it was very expensive, so we tried to buy a cheaper cake however he said that he want to buy it later because it’s melt and ask us money to buy cake So we finally realized that the man’s story was a joke. We finally returned to the hotel and Kim called when he was talking that day one was over.

Sakura Story Day 2 Vol. 7

He asked us to buy birthday cake for his daughter
As we looked at each other, quetion came to mind.
We thought his daughter would be sad if she didn’t have a cake, and asked the man what cake she was going to buy? The man then took us to a cake shop and pointed at the cake.

@at Kamakura in Japan.