Sakura Story 2 Day 6 Vol. 3

We finished the meeting and went out for lunch with Shermaine. The name of the restaurant is Chili’s MOA at pasay city. We ordered each meal, started talking to her about the promotion, and handed her a company phone. It felt like it was about to start 😅 We started by having blogger write an article first, and then we started by updating posts on Facebook etc. once a week.
We still ordered too much food 🍱😅

Sakura Story 2 Day 6 Vol. 2

We quickly introduced ourselves and started explaining the app. Warehouse companies, including shipping companies, did not seem to understand the platform for individual-to-individual transactions. Even if I understood it, I was wondering if it would be profitable. I explained that we can create new value. However, it was difficult to get approval because it was inefficient for the shipping company. As you will see later, he said that he couldn’t even make a BLACK arrow contract on his first trip 😫 The decisive factor in personal transactions is the delivery service. If this is inconvenient, we cannot create new value 😅 New challenges will continue.

Sakura Story 2 Day 6 Vol. 1

The next day we headed to Manila early in the morning. This is because there was negotiation with the shipping company required for the free market apps. we had promised to meet the shermaine SNS Strategitest in front of a company called Payyo at 3PL. Arrived, is the company a warehouse? It was very difficult to find out because it was in the building of another company, and I finally found it 😅 After a while, the person in charge who spoke on Skype before appeared and was guided to the conference room. After a while, the president was introduced and the meeting started. She is from Israel and has been working here for visa in earnest for 3 years.

Sakura Story 2 Day 5 Vol. 3

We regained our mood and headed to the club. This is the first club in decades for me. When I was young, I went out to play with that noise and atmosphere. However, probably because it was Sunday, the shop was empty. I saw some clubs in Makati, but there weren’t many people and we were early the next morning, so we exchanged money and pulled up early.

Sakura Story 2 Day 5 Vol. 2

December is approaching and it’s getting colder and another year is about to pass. There were many things, bad things and good things. I finished the draft of the speech and then we were heading in Makati. We enjoyed drinking and snacking while listening to live performances in a small market. After that, as we walked down the big street, the homeless talked to us, but we had been disciplined before, so we ignored it and kept walking. Yusuke shouted that he was suddenly stolen his wallet Looking back, the homeless and his child stole Yusuke’s wallet and ran. We immediately ran and chased after. Is the child 7.8 years old? I fell on the way to escape and his wallet spilled. We managed to get the wallet back, but the kid and the homeless ran away. This is the reality. The city was noisy and people around me were asked what was going on. It’s a sad reality … 😣They have been living on the streets since Child was little, committing crimes. It is a place far from Japan.

Sakura Story 2 Day 4 Vol. 5

We ran out of money we had, so we decided to go to the exchange office, exchange some money, and drink a little at a nearby bar and go home. After talking a bit at the bar, I returned to my apartment late at night … 😫 It was a bitter experience for us. Needless to say, I went to bed right away and went to bed 😪

Sakura Story 2 Day 4 Vol. 4

We finished eating delicious Korean food and Yusuke and I went out to the city at night. We deposit the money to Kim what we have and started walking around the city of Makati, and we hadn’t succeeded yet, but when we think about it now, we feel like a successful person 😅 We went to the famous night city Many women and sellers who took a walk called out. I didn’t know anything, I was just floating. And a terrible thing happened. It was late at night and I was surrounded by some beautiful women, and I followed him and took the money I had 😢😢😢.

Sakura Story 2 Day 4 Vol. 3

We headed to Makati by grab for dinner with Kim and his wife. We went to a Korean restaurant Korea garden restaurant. I asked the clerk about the recommended food and ordered the food. Yusuke and Kim ordered beer and I ordered mango juice. In my theory, the restaurant where mango juice is delicious has delicious food 😋 Theory was right food was the best. From the appetizer to the main grilled meat was wonderful. Kim’s wife had an innocent personality and enjoyed talking and eating. I wonder how we were a little floating … without knowing that something scary would happen.


Sakura Story 2 Day 4 Vol. 2

We were making polo shirts to wear at the seminar next week. Kim’s wife Rio was scheduled to bring a polo shirt this afternoon. We also went to sm hyper market jazz in Makati to buy food. While making lunch, I decided to talk about the promotion and have it advertised using blogger. After a while after eating, Kim’s wife arrived. Yusuke seems to have been surprised that Kim was married. Another thing that was surprising was the poor quality of the polo shirt fabric.

Sakura Story 2 Day 4 Vol. 1

We got up in the morning and went swimming in the pool as usual. Yusuke was sleepy … When asked why, he seemed to be watching a drama on Netflix until late. Video distribution services and music distribution services are now sweeping the world. It is a form of accessing the cloud with a monthly charge system. It’s morning to think about the business model while eating fruit for breakfast.