Sakura at Rizal Technological Institute – Pasig

Our team is very thankful to RTU IT students for giving their 100% attendance during our seminar. It was Saturday so we were not expecting much but all of them give their full participation.

Students presented brilliant ideas when it comes to creating or developing IoT devices. The integration of technology into the business was very evident in their business plan. It is sad to say that it was the last school that we had our seminar for this quarter.

Our team are hoping that we will have more school to visit so we can share how 5g tech and IoT can change the lives of Filipino people.


Sakura Story Day 4 Vol. 2

We were at a cafe for an interview after eating the rest of the Chinese food the other day. We were talking about incorporation and patents during the interview. Either incorporate an existing personal business or create a new one. I’ll talk more about the steps of incorporation in the next blog.

Sakura at Technological University Philippines – Manila

Another successful seminar conducted by our team at TUP manila. We shared our knowledge about the latest trend in technology to the ECE students of the said university.

We were able to informed them and demonstrate what the new technology can offer to us. Students were very active during the activity about making their own business incorporating technology.

Sakura Story Day 4 Vol. 1

On the morning of the fourth day. I put my clothes on for cleaning. Who is unfamiliar with clothes and wondering if others are mixed? Kim said it was me
Please tell me Before you put cleaning, just like work , people need reporting, contacting and consulting with coworkers there are essential!

Sakura Smart Crowdfunding Campaign

We launched a crowdfunding campaign, to seek help for producing more smart home products that will benefit household consumers.

We launched the campaign recently and will end on April 30, 2020. Our goal is to get additional funds so we can produce more products. We provided three reward tiers for the people who will support us on our campaign.

To know more about our crowdfunding campaign, please visit the link below.

Please help us and let the people experience a revolutionary way of living with Sakura Smart Home Products.