Sakura Story Day 4 Vol 6

Today’s day is almost over, but we can’t find anyone who is good at promotion. We decided to go to Jolibee, which is famous in the Philippines, for a change. Yusuke was excited at his first Jolibee. After ordering so much that we couldn’t eat all and enjoying the rest, we returned to the hotel for tomorrow.

Sakura story

Day 1
The plane we boarded landed at Manila Airport. A nostalgic atmosphere and warm air flowed, and it was wrapped in an exciting feeling that will begin.
We caught a taxi and headed to the hotel. When we finished the check-in, Yusuke said he didn’t expect me to speak English so much. While saying so, We entered the room thinking what I was thinking. Yusuke and I met after working together a year ago. The story began when I invited you to do business in the Philippines