Sakura Story 2 Day 2 Vol. 4

This time we rented a condominium using Airbnb instead of a hotel. It would be a high-rise apartment in Japan. We also have a kitchen and a refrigerator in the room, so this time I decided not to eat out, but to save money and to cook for our health ^ ^ We decided to go a supermarket on our way condo from the working space.

Sakura Story 2 Day 2 Vol. 3

We arrived at the co-working space. However, I couldn’t get him in the office because I wore flip-flops. We had no choice but to go to another place and finally enter the office and we started working. We talked about design and promotion there without any coffee or price until evening.

Sakura Story 2 Day 2 Vol. 2

We joined the members at the entrance. We went to lunch while talking about the future. Today’s lunch was pork cutlet, everyone made their own orders, and they were full and satisfied. Then we drove to the working space.

Sakura Story 2 Day 2 Vol. 1

We got up and looked around the condominium. Facilities were substantial, and there was a pool, gym, karaoke room, and cafe. We had a light breakfast and was preparing for the whole meeting. There’s informed that SNS Strategic Test couldn’t come today. I was disappointed that
Anyway we started today.

Sakura Story 2 Day 1 Vol. 2

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We arrived at the condominium. This time, I booked a room using Airbnb instead of a hotel. After waiting for a while below, I finally met the host and entered the room. The content was commensurate with the price, and I was satisfied. It was late at night, so I had to enter each room immediately. But I couldn’t sleep well. This is because the sharing services such as Grab and Airbnb were more developed than in Japan.


Sakura Story 2 Day 1

We are back again. We arrived in the middle of the night looking for Kim who was supposed to pick up. Finally we met Kim and we took a taxi to the condominium we booked. Looking at the outside from a taxi, I could see the coming back and the sight of tower condominiums lined up, and I foresee future economic development.

Sakura Story Last Day Vol.4

We had some problems, but we achieved our original goal of team building. Yusuke and I checked out the hotel and headed to the airport. I believed that our idea would be transmitted to the team While talking about this trip, Yusuke and I quietly toasted with coke and went home. This is the first step in a long journey that will begin.

Sakura Story Last Day Vol. 3

We were thinking how to use SNS in this era to advertise. I couldn’t find an answer about promotion yet, so We continued to select interviews. we hired a talented person with a probation period. From now on, we will know the difficulty of advertising.

Sakura Story Last Day Vol. 1

We reached the final day of this trip. As usual, we started off after taking a walk in the city, but we have something to look forward to. It’s about having an interview with two applicants for promotion We were returning to the hotel and preparing for the interview at the cafe