Sakura Story 2 Day 7 Vol.3

We were preparing game prizes and leaflets for the seminar. The design was complete and all I had to do was print it. The prize was purchased at the shopping mall. The first place is a camera that you can wear on your head to shoot 😄 I was in a shopping mall thinking that students would be happy.

Sakura Story 2 Day 7 Vol.2

I practiced the speeches at the seminar, thinking about how to explain the appeal of blockchain to students in an easy-to-understand manner. Because the mechanism and way of thinking of blockchain is wonderful. This is because it is a technology that can compete with GAFA, which is currently sweeping the world.

Sakura Story 2 Day 7 Vol.1

It was a sunny morning for the first time in a while! We were preparing for the next day’s seminar after swimming in the pool. At the seminar, you can get things related to blockchain, free market promotions, games and prizes. We prepared leaflets, prizes, and presentations, and especially the presentations were carefully checked.

Sakura Story 2 Day 6 Vol. 9

Time goes back and from that night, a new small business will start, and we will work hard to establish the three business of platform sales and retail, and application development. The approach to selling a business is from a list of clients.

Sakura Story 2 Day 6 Vol. 8

Time went back and I was on an airplane now heading to the Philippines in the midst of Corona. The company was founded three years ago, and the third term has been successfully completed and a new year is about to begin. Unless we take the stance of starting two full-scale services for next year and doing whatever we can, we have to say that the Philippine business is tough. Next year may be a game year for me 😁

Sakura Story 2 Day 6 Vol. 7

By the time we got to the room, the English teacher had already returned … 😫 I had to wait her a long time. We put away the ingredients we bought and started preparing dinner. After a while after eating, Kim proudly told me that he could operate the air conditioner on his mobile phone 😅 IoT is Abbreviation for Internet of things. Of course I knew it, but in the Philippines most people don’t know or use it. It was also a chance to start a new business and the beginning of new difficulties … 😔🤩

Sakura Story 2 Day 6 Vol. 6

When we went outside to take a taxi, it was pouring rain. When we carry luggage and groceries finally try to take a taxi, the driver is out of range of our destination, so we will change the place to pick up the taxi, so we waited again, but that destination is out of range Then, 2.3 times, I finally found a taxi that could take me to our apartment 😅 But for a while, Makati was in a terrible traffic jam 😫 When I finally got to the room, it was already around 7 o’clock, It took two and a half hours, less than 15km. Taxi riding rules and traffic jams are unimaginable in Japan. 😅

Sakura Story 2 Day 6 Vol. 5

After the meeting, Yusuke and I went to the shopping center to buy groceries. Shopping malls in the Philippines are big and always crowded with people ✨ We bought ingredients and wine. I don’t usually drink alcohol, but I always buy Filipino wine called Noberino from the Philippines 🍷 After shopping, while taking a break at the coffee shop ☕️ there’s noticed from English teacher who can come and teach today So We decided to hurry back. We just posted it at noon, but … early!😁

Sakura Story 2 Day 6 Vol. 4

We were having lunch and started thinking that we had to solve Yusuke’s English problem 😅 I thought that it would be necessary in the future, so I decided to have a tutor even while we were here, and immediately posted a job on Facebook did. This is a different place from Japan, and there is an application as soon as a job is submitted. The supply and demand of jobs do not match, which means that the majority of people go abroad to earn foreign currency. The government is not functioning properly, or the industry of the country is not being developed. We are one of those who want to create a future that can contribute to employment even a little 😊

Sakura Story 2 Day 6 Vol. 3

We finished the meeting and went out for lunch with Shermaine. The name of the restaurant is Chili’s MOA at pasay city. We ordered each meal, started talking to her about the promotion, and handed her a company phone. It felt like it was about to start 😅 We started by having blogger write an article first, and then we started by updating posts on Facebook etc. once a week.
We still ordered too much food 🍱😅