Sakura Story 2 Day 5 Vol. 2

December is approaching and it’s getting colder and another year is about to pass. There were many things, bad things and good things. I finished the draft of the speech and then we were heading in Makati. We enjoyed drinking and snacking while listening to live performances in a small market. After that, as we walked down the big street, the homeless talked to us, but we had been disciplined before, so we ignored it and kept walking. Yusuke shouted that he was suddenly stolen his wallet Looking back, the homeless and his child stole Yusuke’s wallet and ran. We immediately ran and chased after. Is the child 7.8 years old? I fell on the way to escape and his wallet spilled. We managed to get the wallet back, but the kid and the homeless ran away. This is the reality. The city was noisy and people around me were asked what was going on. It’s a sad reality … 😣They have been living on the streets since Child was little, committing crimes. It is a place far from Japan.

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