Sakura Video Shoot Experience

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We really like to make a good commercial so we started with another shoot, this time with a different model. We did the recording all by ourselves again and we’ve learned a lot from the previous video shoot. This time we have better shots and better angle. Also with a professional model, everything goes very smoothly. There are things that are uncontrollable, we did not notice the day is almost done. So we called it a day and decided to continue shooting the next day.

So the second day of shooting came and we started early so we can accomplish more. We did shooting the day until almost night. Unfortunately, our model is exhausted and already needs to go home early, good thing we have a backup model for the shoot. We called the other model and she immediately responded. We continue with the shoot and finish the final few video clips almost midnight.

It was an exhausting day i can say. But all of it are worth it when we achieve success. We hope to get good results for our video ads this time.

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