Sakura Story Day 9 Vol. 1

After the seminar, we decided to go out to a countryside with Kim’s wife’s relatives over the weekend. We were going to go by bus, but we chartered a taxi for 2 days and 1 night and went on a trip … 😅 While looking at the outside scenery.

Sakura Story 2 Day 8 Vol. 6

The students were delighted with the prizes after the seminars and games. someone start a business from this classroom , create a new business and contribute to society on someday , we feel that what we are doing is meaningful. By the way, the first prize is a GoPro-like camera 😅

Sakura Story 2 Day 8 Vol. 5

The time has come to return and the cherry blossom season has come. It’s been almost two and a half years since I started the project. Time goes on mercilessly, and I think while looking at the cherry blossoms 😩

Sakura Story 2 Day 8 Vol. 4

The speech was over and the game started with the products we prepared. The content of the game was not good, but the students were happy to get the prize. We all took pictures and left the classroom. While watching the video Yusuke was shooting, I was thinking of continuing.

Sakura Story 2 Day 8 Vol. 3

About 20 minutes after I started speaking, sns strategist arrived. She gave the students one free market promotional leaflet she brought and began explaining the service we were about to start.

Sakura Story 2 Day 8 Vol. 2

We went to the classroom and prepared for the seminar. I started to explain blockchain, hoping to briefly introduce myself and become a future entrepreneur. I told the students why the blockchain mechanism and way of thinking are wonderful. It’s subtle if you understand it, but I told it with passion. Another purpose is to promote flea market apps

Sakura Story 2 Day 8 Vol.1

Early the next morning, we headed to the school where the seminar was held. The school was John’s class doing an internship. The students and the school warmly welcomed us. It was fine except that sns stragitist was late.

Sakura Story 2 Day 7 Vol.3

We were preparing game prizes and leaflets for the seminar. The design was complete and all I had to do was print it. The prize was purchased at the shopping mall. The first place is a camera that you can wear on your head to shoot 😄 I was in a shopping mall thinking that students would be happy.

Sakura Story 2 Day 7 Vol.2

I practiced the speeches at the seminar, thinking about how to explain the appeal of blockchain to students in an easy-to-understand manner. Because the mechanism and way of thinking of blockchain is wonderful. This is because it is a technology that can compete with GAFA, which is currently sweeping the world.

Sakura Story 2 Day 7 Vol.1

It was a sunny morning for the first time in a while! We were preparing for the next day’s seminar after swimming in the pool. At the seminar, you can get things related to blockchain, free market promotions, games and prizes. We prepared leaflets, prizes, and presentations, and especially the presentations were carefully checked.